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In No Particular Order

Quintessence Lagos is pleased to announce “In No Particular Order” a body of work spanning four years by Alimi Adewale at Quintessence storefront. The paintings and sculptures on display are works made between 2012-2016  varying in subject matter and media, drawing, abstraction and representational works contrasting landscapes of unadulterated nature with those showing evidence of human interruption all juxtaposed on a wall painted Bermuda Pink.


The focus of this exhibition is to look for order in randomness, “In No Particular Order” installation may at first appear haphazard but is a form of controlled expression, which challenges the viewer in accepting the change of focus from technical master-ship to more intellectual levels of reception and  has to deal with ambiguous and inconsistent situations which is one of the key features of contemporary art.


Falsified Book Launch

Tamara Turner is a smart and sassy college co-ed. She had a chance meeting at the magnificent mile with a uniquely different yet special man. She secretly married the man, after a whirlwind romance of only a few weeks. A silent yet powerful enemy pulled all strings to end the relationship.

Years later, Tamara is now a rising assistant state’s attorney. She is trying her first murder trial as the lead prosecutor. The case brings the men in her past to her present. The chance man, the obsessed man and the possessive man, all three fired up and unwilling to let go. She makes a choice of the three. Her choice unbeknownst to her makes her the target of enemies willing to kidnap or kill her. (more…)

Shadows in the Mirror: Book Signing and Reading

Excellently written by Vivian O. Ikem. This book joins works such as Joanna Swinney’s Dark Woods: A Young Woman’s Journey out of Depression as an insightful examination into one of the world’s most debilitating diseases—while offering readers hope for recovery.

Depression is not sadness, weakness, failed faith, black magic or a white man disease. It can just about happen to anyone, and can also be overcome. Don’t suffer in silence. Take action now!

The World Health Organization estimates that depression will be the second leading cause of death and disability by 2020. Yet several remain ignorant of depression and many suffer from limited access to mental health resources.


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