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About Us

Established Since 1967

Quintessence is an outfit we have been running to promote and develop African arts and crafts and create enabling environment for local content. More than three decades later, Quintessence is still the most exclusive department store and gallery, with a wide range of authentic arts, crafts, textiles, and furnishing. Our collection is as a result of experience, fieldwork, and research. Prominent in our stock are textiles of all kinds and they include woven fabrics like Aso-Oke, cloth from Okene and Akwete and other fabrics from Nigeria and other countries with long traditional history in Africa. These are sold to encourage the local artisans. Craftworks, gift items from artisans, paintings and sculptural pieces by our College graduates are also sold. Pieces of jewelry, books, toys, bags, ceramics and other traditional sculptures are products you can also find with us.

Since 1988, we have offered visual artists the opportunities for promoting their works through organizing exhibitions and fashion shows in our gallery. It has been quite rewarding and artists are encouraged to develop their creative abilities. We were the first private company to organize an exhibition of Nigerian arts and crafts in Nigeria. The company has also organized international exhibitions of Nigerian arts and crafts in Sweden, England, Germany, Zimbabwe, Ghana, and Burkina Faso and they were all successful and inspiring. In addition to all these, we are engaged in the production of clothing for children and adults and home furnishings, like placemats, throw pillows and duvets for both local and international markets Chief Mrs. Aino Oni-Okpaku a textile expert, has been the guiding force with the support of high discipline management. Our well-trained staff, offer excellent personalized services, and currently, Quintessence is involved in an exchange programme between Swedish textile designers and our weavers in the south-western part of Nigeria.


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